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Butter Burger Classique

Burgers. Bikes. Maybe a ride on a boat. It’s gonna be hella fun.

So here’s the deal, on memorial day we’re going for a long ride. 100ish miles, on a loop West of Madison. Five stops along the way at five different Culvers restaurants. There will be plenty of good options to navigate back to Madison without riding 100 miles, so don’t fear if you’d like to ride 30 or 50 miles but still want to eat a double deluxe burger basket. Ride at your own pace. Eat some real food. It’ll be great.

We’re starting at Cafe Domestique + The Cargo Bike Shop at 9:30 am on 5/27/2019. We’ll provide you with a route map with a handful of options, but we’re not going to put together turn-by-turn directions, nor will there be a vehicle to support the ride, so please plan accordingly and ride within your abilities. Sunset is around 8:30 PM on Memorial Day, so if you’re riding the whole 100ish mile loop, you should try to do it in 11 hours or less including your snack stops. That’s totally reasonable, but be smart about it. Here’s a rough draft of the whole loop, we’ll have more precise maps before the event in both printed and digital format.

It’s a free event, but we’d like to know how many people are coming. so sign up HERE.

Email DAN with questions: